Content Marketing Trends 2021

1.   Develop your Content Communities

It is obvious that due to pandemic affection, building content communities is one of the biggest trends in 2021. Even with lack of resources, the rise of communities built to share and create content will positively affect the digital marketing impressions.

Lauren Pope, content marketing manager at Oracle, who helps companies in tech industry to stop writing boring content and start ranking for their preferred keywords forecasts, that the shortage of resources and the need for maximum output will maintain the positions of this trend to continue next year.

One more vital advantage of building content communities is the massive increase in brand awareness. As Ms. Pope states: “You tap into those writers' massive audiences on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and just word-of-mouth marketing. This generates more experts who are excited to write for your publication.”

2.    Live streams and webinars

As most of real-life events are now out of play, webinar and live stream content has become one of major entertainers for the audience. Not only due to social distance requirements, but also considering the will of the consumers to get information easily the video content will be on top for a while yet. The fact is that the learning audience does not tend to go through 30+ slides, instead they seek for fast studying options. With the increasing opportunities of webinars, allowing to get engaged into the communication and ask questions the learning experience becomes more and more available to higher audiences.

3.    Don’t forget about user experience

Imagine a situation, you visit a website to read an interesting article, but instead, you face lots of ads popping out from nowhere, and close buttons that are so small you get to the ad page by the mistake. Pretty sure you felt the irritation. Would you stay and read the article? In most of the cases the answer will be no. Even the quality and reliability of the content will be under question.
To enhance the content experience, first, ask yourself a question, what is the problem your potential audience is seeking solution for? What would be supporting material for that solution? It can vary from video-tutorials and sarcastic images to statistical representation and mini-games. The point is to prolong the time user spends on your website, hence, entering the sales funnel.

4.    Highlight on products and services

In line with engagement of the audience with educational content it is still vital to keep the focus on major goods and services the organization provides. Main purpose of this tendency is to develop content that will attract the key buyer-personas. Keeping focus on key offerings will also help to measure the content return on investment (ROI).

5.    AI implementation

Yes, today we live in an age where literately developed techniques allow to reproduce stuff that human beings are meant to do. The utilization of artificial intelligence in content marketing has been anticipated by the experts long ago.
There are tools applying AI, like Contentyze or API GPT-3. Those text editing tools analyze data to generate content like captions, summaries and broad blog posts.
It is crucial to understand the impact of automatization on employment rates. Despite the debates about digitalization being a threat for the ones seeking for a job, the fact is that AI implementation will only allow to learn and achieve more.

6.    Get your SEO Strategy

As in every industry, in content there is also a trend that sometimes gets forgotten, but it never loses its full impact. So, for content its definitely search engine optimization (SEO).
Brooklyn Nsh, who is the Content Marketing head at Sales Hacker says, “ Second-movers will continue to figure out how to differentiate themselves from the big SEO titans—capturing niche and long-tail keywords and creating content that's more engaging than all the ‘Ultimate Guides’ and ‘Top 55’ lists.”
One should conclude that having a strong SEO strategy and highly relevant keywords is worth the time spent, as it not only helps to generate content that is engaging for your audience, but also directly impacts your appearance in web searches.

7.    Content Repurposing

As there is a high focus on generating insightful content with less resources, the content repurposing among various channels is going to take off in 2021. If there is enough work done and time spent to create a content that will engage the targeted audience with its value, you definitely want to repurpose it and make visible to as large audience as possible.
To enhance the results of your efforts, you need to adapt your content for different platforms. Let’s get back to the webinars. To promote your webinar, or talk about its results and outcomes, share the value you provide, you will have to develop content for a blog post, several social media posts and even get a newsletter mention.

How to stay on top?

To plan an effective content strategy for the entire year we suggest to follow these tendencies. Once you are ready to adapt to market requirements and changes, you will have relevant content with rising chances to get on top. With the main focus on the strategy “Less is more”, you should allocate your resources in a cost-effective way to generate high-quality content with less efforts and high results.