What Should be Considered in Web Development in 2021

With the rapid progress of technologies, the tendencies in web development also quickly are being replaced. Those quick changes impact the businesses, ordering new directions and strategies of growth. To stay competitive in the industry where there are giants like Google or Apple, all the tech companies should have extensive understanding of trends and innovations in the web development.  


Progressive Web Applications


One of the major trends in development this season are PWA’s. Leading enterprises like Starbucks, Pinterest and many more use PWA’s to provide best experience for their users.


With the variety of advantages like offline operation or level of user friendliness nearly equal to native apps they still take less space and are really fast to install. What makes Progressive web applications really great is the cost-effective development, as there is no need for separate versions adapted for various devices. Like native apps, PWA’s also are capable to use functionalities individual for any device, for instance, push notifications. This is especially beneficial for the organizations from viewpoint of marketing, as it promotes in app ads, as over 60% of users allow notifications for their PWA’s.


Artificial Intelligence


The personalization that is achieved through the AI analysis of customer data helps to keep the feed of the user with content that is engaging and relevant. With the acquisition of data about user’s latest bought products, search details and types, saved pages and much more the platforms that use artificial intelligence are enabled to suggest more and more results that will be interesting to the user.




Through the past few years, high amount of human resource spendings were saved via rising numbers of chatbot integration into websites.  It is anticipated that the need of this solution will continue to increase yet. Chatbots that are combined with machine learning algorithms minimize the demand of having a team of customer service specialists, with automate, quick responds to user’s messages that are available 24/7. 


One more crucial benefit of automated communication solutions is the patience that has no boundaries. Let’s agree that never ending customer queries with the same issues can be extremely stressful for an operator. 


Voice Search Development


According to the records of TechCrunch, over 66,4 million of American population today owns a smart speaker. With their busy hands and recognition of time value, or simple laziness the users will rather prefer to record their query and find an instant answer on their screens, instead of typing. This fact is fed with the statistical records, proving that almost a third of searches performed on Google regularly are done with the utilization of voice search. With the strategized improvement of your website content, you can achieve high results for queries completed with the use of Siri or Alexa. Thus, you will enhance the user experience, simultaneously getting higher SEO results and the trust of the consumers.


When debating on whether you should consider optimizing voice search or no, take into consideration that the algorithm update called “Florida”, which is released by Google, your website will rank higher in search engines than the ones that refuse to use the technology.


Motion UI


When the user visits your website, you have just a few seconds to create the first impression. With the use of proper animations, graphics and transitions that work to guide and not disturb the browsing process your web pages and apps will get chance to become even more attractive. One of the newest technologies used with this purpose is the library called Motion UI. It allows the developers to apply the existing cool animations, edit those and create new ones. 


One more vital thing to consider when using animated elements in your website or application is the responsiveness across various devices and sizes. Keeping your animations light for load time and relevant on your screen will assure great results, increasing the level of emotional feelings of the user, similar to interaction with physical objects.


Modern technologies have a huge influence on all the industries. Similarly in web development, you should always be ready to adjust with market needs to stay up to date.